Engagement diamond rings

Engagement diamond rings are certainly the most popular engagement rings. Diamonds embody purity, resistance and symbolize the very nature of marriage bonds. This stone is used all the time to create the most beautiful engagement rings, because it symbolizes the promise of a common and radiant future. The engagement rings are then set with several diamonds. This gemstone is elegant and timeless. It should be added that the price of engagement diamond rings is variable. It depends on the time of the jewel, the materials that compose it, but also on the size, the carat, the rarity of its precious stones.

Vintage sapphires rings

Edwardian Victorian-style engagement rings

The rings of the 19th century reflect the golden age of European jewelry, especially British. The 19th century was a time when Edwardian Victorian-style engagement rings reigned, in a context of colonial expansion, leading to the discovery of new materials such as ivory, enamel or mother-of-pearl, then mobilized into jewelry for the very first time. It is a dense and creative period, the curves of jewelry show more and more daring as the century progresses. The materials used are noble: platinum, gold. The shades are cold: white, silver. Precious metals, with sublime precious stones like diamonds for example, are a must.

 Art Deco rings for sale

Nowadays, Art Deco rings are back for sale in jewelry stores. These are certainly the most popular and coveted antique rings. Their particular history can explain this: the interwar period, artistic creation was very developed. Art is in effervescence after several years of deprivation and austerity. This context is felt in jewelry. The Art Deco rings are then characterized by their geometric shapes and their magnificent precious stones such as diamond, emerald, sapphire or ruby, but also by the innovative use of very beautiful precious stones: jade, coral, lapis lazuli or quartz, associated with frames in white gold or platinum, very daring for the time.

Rings vintage rubies and diamonds

What are the best stones for engagement rings?

The best stones for engagement rings depend on your tastes, but also on the meaning you want to give to this unique ring. With its beautiful green color, emerald is a stone symbolizing hope and fertility. The stunning red color of ruby symbolizes passion. It is traditionally worn as a jewel by kings, sultans and maharajas. Long used as a protective talisman against evil, sapphire is a relatively rare stone that adorns exceptional Art Deco jewelry. For example, Prince William gave Kate Middleton a sublime engagement ring, adorned with an 18-carat Burmese sapphire and surrounded by 14 brilliants. When diamond, it is traditionally the “wedding stone”. Said to be unbreakable, it symbolizes the longevity of a relationship, but also its strength and beauty.

Diamond rings and precious stones

Diamond rings and precious stones adorn engagement and wedding rings par excellence. This tradition has been in use for decades, and the vintage diamond ring was popular at the dawn of the 20th century. The price of the ring then often rests on the diamond itself. It can vary according to its shape, weight, but also and especially its carat, color and size. The diamond ring and precious stones is now the ideal alternative to a classic diamond ring found in the window of a jewelry chain. Not necessarily more expensive but more original and unique, the vintage diamond ring can be chosen from a brand specifically dedicated to antique jewelry.

Vintage marquise diamonds
Emerald diamonds ring
Vintage ceylon sapphire rings

What is the most popular engagement ring?

So, what’s the most popular engagement ring? Nowadays, Art Deco jewelry is definitely back in fashion, and Art Deco rings are very popular as engagement rings or as everyday jewelry. These precious rings are characterized by their modern lines, combining white materials like white gold or platinum with precious stones like diamonds. Art Deco jewelry and rings can also be decorated with beautiful and numerous fine stones such as citrine, aquamarine, jade, onyx, coral or lapis lazuli, whose bright colors are cut with white gold, platinum or diamond purity. These bold and modern contrasts give these jewels a unique and original style.

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