Vintage Art Deco earrings 18k gold

Art Deco earrings

The Art Deco era is characterized by the rise of extravagance in the arts, just after the tragedy of the Second World War. People now fear death more than ever, and they believe they must enjoy every slice of life. Art is flamboyant: in painting, music and fashion, but also in the decorative field and in jewellery. The creations are made to be seen, they modernize night outfits or classic shapes. Art Deco earrings are put at the forefront of the stage to sublimate hats and shorter haircuts for women. They are sometimes assembled with collars or bracelets. Most of the time, they are embodied by white materials (gold, platinum, silver) and white diamonds or colored stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires.

Vintage gemstones earrings sapphires

Vintage edwardian earrings

The old Edwardian earrings are timeless pieces born in the early 20th century. They are often pendants, mostly white or grey (gold, silver, platinum) with one or several stones on them. It can be a precious stone like a diamond, but also a fine stone: enamel, tourmaline, quartz, amber, coral, lapis lazuli or coral…  Edwardian jewellery is directly inspired by products imported from colonies. New horizons brought new styles to England and then to all of Europe. Today, they have been modernized and they add a very sophisticated look to every outfit.

Antique diamonds earrings in gold

Vintage gemstone earrings

Vintage gemstone earrings are the most precious jewels. There are four gemstones. There is the classic diamond, which can be white, but also colorful (pink diamond, blue diamond, yellow diamond etc). Rubies are red stones characterized by their color close to blood. Sapphire, with its incredible blue color, is also possible. Finally, the emerald is distinguished by its rare green colour. The quality and the price of these pieces are characterized by their color, which can make it more or less rare and precious, but also by their cut, their shape, their clarity… Definitely, vintage gemstone earrings make unique pieces that symbolize a lot and suits all women.

Vintage edwardian earrings diamonds

Antique diamond earrings

Antique diamond earrings are the most classic type of earrings. These are rare and unique pieces, which cannot be found in all stores. They have their own history, depending on when they came from, how they were transmitted, etc. They can be solitary earrings, but also surrounded by several diamonds or other stones. They can be mounted on gold or silver, silver, gold or platinum, to make the stone its best appearance. Antique diamond earrings can be signed by large jewelers, but also by small artisans. They can be offered for a special occasion such as a wedding, a birth, a birthday… They are timeless and we can carry by every woman through every phase of her life.

19th century vintage earrings

The vintage earrings of the 19th century were born in a period rather favorable to artistic creation. After the wars of 1870, Europe experienced a more peaceful period. Imperial commerce radiates, contributing to the discovery of new materials. Materials such as glass, enamel, mother-of-pearl, their pale and soft colors inspire jewelers, who create cameos, daisy rings, bracelets adorned with cultured pearls… Earrings were the perfect kind of jewelry. Women used to have their hair tied up, which showed their expensive and elegant jewelry. For the night too, these jewels were used to distinguish women of taste.

Earrings jewelry

Signed earrings and jewelry

Earrings and jewelry can be signed by the greatest jewelers. They can be signed by major jewelers such as Boucheron, Piaget, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels or Tiffany’s for example… They can be of different shapes and styles: simple earwigs for example, with a beautiful diamond can be embodied by a classic and timeless style. They can also be small hoops, with several stones, in a classic way. But they can also be jewelry for the night, with a more imposing style that many women would like to party or for big events. Signed earrings and jewelry can be even more elegant when they come from vintage, so the pieces are unique and cannot be found on anyone else.

old cut diamonds earrings