Vintage necklaces and pendants

Vintage necklaces

Vintage necklaces are ideal to bring a note of style and originality to an outfit. They have the advantage of not finding themselves on everyone and show a special sense of style. Vintage necklaces are also very resistant because they are composed of beautiful materials, which have been able to resist the pangs of time: gold, platinum, silver are essential. Vintage necklaces can be decorated with beautiful gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires, but also beautiful fine stones. They are available in choker, chain and pendant, but also in necklaces or adornments.

Vintage victorian necklaces

 Diamond necklaces

Diamond necklaces are certainly the most popular vintage necklaces. Diamond is indeed the most coveted precious stone, blending perfectly with all materials. All styles of jewelry then mobilized diamonds. Victorian Art, but also Edwardian era or Georgian jewelry. The Art Nouveau style, but also the Tank period and Art Deco movement. The diamond, symbol of purity and rigidity, is then at the neck of all modern women. Even today, diamond necklaces are worn for many occasions, both for the day and the evening.

Art Deco necklaces

Antique periods necklaces

Art Deco pendants

Art Deco necklaces are undeniably the epitome of chic. These necklaces are often quite massive, composed of a bold alliance of white materials (white gold, platinum or silver) associated with beautiful gemstones, especially diamond, which occupies a special place in the Art Deco jewelry. The jewels are then shown and are associated with the new cuts of clothes, increasingly exuberant

 Edwardian necklaces

Edwardian necklaces are often stunning pieces, composed of fine or precious stone pendants, which adorn sumptuous chains. The Edwardian necklaces embellish the look and cleavage of the women of the time, but have lost none of their charm today, since they are experiencing a certain revival of interest. The Edwardian necklaces indeed bring a touch of chic, vintage and stylized to contemporary clothing styles.

Pre owned necklaces

Victorian necklaces

Victorian necklaces embody the all-powerful British colonial empire. This period, embodied by a fruitful trade with the East Indies, allowed the creation of all new pieces of jewelry, composed of enamel, pearls, mother-of-pearl, and proposing more ostentatious creations. The jewels are real pieces dedicated to the international elites, they are often massive and composed of very beautiful precious stones.

Art Deco necklaces with diamonds

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Vintage emerald pendants

Vintage emerald necklaces are one of the most beautiful of all time. Emeralds are recognizable thanks to their sumptuous green color, which symbolizes fertility, hope, hope and luck. Vintage emerald necklace can be made of a simple pendant, but also a strong set.

Vintage river diamonds necklaces

Vintage ruby necklaces

Vintage ruby necklaces have been coveted since the beginning, because rubies symbolize power and strength. They are the favorite stones of sultans, maharadjas, kings and queens of all times and all continents, because red embodies for their eyes the most perfect color. Vintage ruby necklaces are also a strong symbol.

Vintage diamonds necklaces

Vintage sapphires necklaces

Vintage sapphire necklaces are visible thanks to their deep blue color and rare. Mainly from Ceylon, sapphire is a very rare stone that has been coveted since the beginning of modern history. They are suitable for white materials such as platinum, but also white gold or silver. They flatter all kinds of outfits, from the most classic to the most daring ceremonial dresses for example.

Antique edwardian necklaces

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Specialized in antique, vintage and second-hand jewelry, you can discover in our collections beautiful necklaces. This kind of jewelry is indeed timeless and sublime evening dresses. Vintage necklaces make a very nice effect worn in the evening, to accessorize and lift a rather sober outfit, for example, and bring a touch of sparkle. The style of these jewels is then sophisticated. Our necklaces collection can also be worn during the day, as a medal or junkie, very popular with modern women, and can be worn with a very simple outfit and during the day.

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