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18k Gold and silver watch

Luxury watches are often adorned with beautiful materials that guarantee their durability and allow them to last over time. These materials can be golden, whether they are white, grey, pink or yellow, but also platinum or even silver. Your luxury watch will then withstand most of the daily weather conditions, be it rain, heat, physical activity.

Luxury brands watches in silver
Montre Rolex

Made with diamonds.

Luxury watches can also be decorated with diamonds. Indeed, most large watch houses embellish their jewelry with these rare and resistant gemstones, which give a luxurious side to these watches. Thus, the dial can be decorated with multiple small diamonds, and the bracelet can also be decorated with this precious stone.

What are the best luxury brands? (Cartier, Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc.)

The best luxury brands are those that will never experience a decline in the luxury bum market. If you own watches that you no longer like, don’t wear, or just want to renew your luxury watch collection, you can resell them easily. These different brands include Cartier, Rolex, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Breguet and many others…

Rolex watches

What is considered vintage?

What to know buying your first watch?

Luxury watches are prized for their complex mechanisms, aesthetics, durability and exceptional lifespan, but also for their rarity. The different models produced by major luxury watch brands can be sold in limited quantities, and you often have to sign up on a long waiting list to get your hands on the new model from a prestigious and popular brand. Similarly, luxury watches from major brands often have a certain cost because they are the result of expert watchmaking work. By their rarity, prestige and quality, these watches offer unparalleled luxury in the world of watchmaking.

Vintage 18k gold watches

Types of mechanism of a watch?

Manual watch movement.

Automatic watch movement are the oldest watches. They represent the quintessence of watchmaking know-how, mobilizing a complex system that differs according to genres and brands. The hand-wound watch requires, as its name suggests, frequent hand-winding to reset the time. These are therefore the most authentic watches, but also less practical than automatic watches.

Manual watch movement in gold

Automatic watch movement.

Unlike mechanical watches, automatic watches are self-winding. Its mechanism consists of small parts that take advantage of the oscillation of the wrist to start the watch: it is called the rotor. The latter engages a gear, which activates the watch mechanism. This allows, if the watch is worn fairly regularly, to leave the watch on time. Automatic watches particularly appeal to watchmakers. 

Quartz watch movement.

Quartz watches consist of a battery-operated electrical circuit. This energy allows a quartz oscillator to vibrate, which makes the watch work. These watches are therefore very reliable, require less maintenance during the life of the battery and give a very precise time. The dial display of quartz watches can be analog or digital.

The most desired pieces.

As with some luxury fashion pieces, investing in vintage watches can be a very good way to resell at the best price a model bought years or even decades earlier. Indeed, luxury watches and luxury watch brands play on the scarcity of their models to awaken the desire and desire of their customers. It is then undeniable that if you manage to get your hands on and invest in certain models at the right time, these watches will be sold later at a gold price. In addition to the satisfaction established by the collection of these coins, vintage luxury watches generally do not lose value over time, subject to their overall good condition.

Signed watches in vintage style

Vintage women watches.

Many models of Art Deco watches compete with creativity and audacity to offer pieces of excellence for ladies. Art Deco watches thus break the codes of watchmaking and transform themselves, on women’s wrists, into real art objects. Under the Art Deco era, the watch was no longer simply meant to give time, but to become decorative and ornamental. One can mention the elegance of sublime models of Art Deco platinum watches set with diamonds, a bold and original mix that can be found on both jewelry and Art Deco watches.

Luxury watches for women

Vintage paved diamonds rings from 1950

Brilliant cut diamonds ring

0.40 carat brilliant cut diamond ring

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Antique cut diamonds, 8 x 8 of 3.6 carats, and emeralds

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