Vintage earrings

Specialized in antique and vintage jewelry, we offer for sale a nice selection of vintage earrings.  Selected by us, you will find a variety of shapes, materials, stones and styles. Vintage and antique earrings can take the form of nails, drop, cluster, but also hoops. It can be bold creations mixed with precious and fine stones, as shown in Art Deco drawings. But it can also be simpler jewels, which would adapt to any type of style, for example with very small diamonds. Vintage earrings are also back to fashion recently, as they add a vintage aura to a look. They can be worn by day, but also by night, with bolder volumes for example.

Vintage earrings 18k gold

Precious stones jewels

Antique Diamond earrings

Diamond earrings will go perfectly with all kinds of outfits, but also with many styles of jewelry. The diamond combines remarkably well with different types of metals: gold, silver, platinum, whether grey, white, pink or yellow. Diamond goes also nice with precious stones such as ruby, emerald or sapphire, but also with pretty fine stones.

Diamonds earrings in platinum 

Ancient Emerald earrings

Ancient emerald earrings are identifiable by their beautiful green gemstone. These earrings sublimate to the perfection of many women, from matte skins to red hair. Thus, emerald is often seen as a symbol or hope, luck and fertility. They are also characterized by their vintage and old that make them exceptional, rare and precious pieces.

Old-age Sapphire earrings

The aged sapphire earrings are characterized by their superb blue color and rarity. Sapphire is a very rare stone found mainly in Ceylon, India, Tanzania, Sri Lanka… This blue color is perfect with diamonds, but also with white gold or platinum. Sapphire is also a common symbol of purity, justice and sincerity.

Sapphire earrings


Vintage Ruby earrings

Vintage ruby earrings are great and indeed coveted. These are very pretty jewels that are suitable for all forms of clothing, but also for all complexions, all hair colors. Vintage ruby earrings look particularly large with yellow gold. Nicknamed “the Queen of Gems”, ruby earrings have a great aura, and have been worn by princes, kings, emperors and maharadjas as a symbol of power, glory and conquest.

Rubies and diamonds earrings

What is the best era for buying jewelry?

Art Deco (1920´s)

The Art Deco period is certainly the most sumptuous and prolific era for jewelry. Indeed, this time comes in a period of splendor and peace, between the two world wars. The era is then to joy, the key word is to enjoy life and what it can offer us. This period is specific to creativity, a desire to break traditional codes is expressed. In jewelry, it is characterized by the bold mix of precious stones such as diamond with white gold and platinum for example.

Art Deco diamonds earrings

Art Nouveau (1890)

Art Nouveau is an artistic movement, present in jewelry in the 1890s. Nature and magic are at the center of the inspirations of this current, which likes to represent curves inspired by animal motifs (cicadas, beetles, butterflies), botany (leaves, trees, flowers), but also the universe of dreams and magic (fairies, sirens, etc.) This artistic movement is part of the work of French jeweler René Lalique.

Ancient earrings with diamonds

Edwardian era (1900)

The Edwardian era permeated the creation of jewelry between 1900 and 1910. At the turn of the century, Great Britain dominated and established itself in the field of jewelry with the manufacture of fine and delicate jewelry. These are ancient jewels very appreciated by connoisseurs and collectors. There is the delicacy of precious metals, used with diamonds and other precious stones cut in a fine and delicate way.

Victorian era (1800)

The Victorian period is a founding era in modern jewelry. Antique jewelry from this era is now highly sought after and particularly prized by lovers of antique jewelry. The Victorian era was characterized by the use of all new raw materials, directly derived from trade with the East Indies. Enamel, pearl and mother-of-pearl blend perfectly with noble materials such as yellow gold, platinum…

High luxury brands (Tiffany & Co, Chopard, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc.).

Antique and second-hand jewelry can be signed by the biggest designer brands, as these houses are often old. You can thus find second-hand sublime vintage jewelry signed by Cartier, Boucheron, Chopard, but still Tiffany & Co, Piaget, Chanel or Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. Finding these second-hand jewelry will allow you to get your hands on models of jewelry that are no longer produced to date, or to find a vintage version of an emblematic jewel of the house. The timeless lines of these brands will certainly be familiar to you, even if some jewels remains very rare.

1900 old age earrings

What is the best style for me? (Stud, drop, cluster, etc.)

Your choice of earrings must undeniably stick to your personality, your style and your tastes. But on the other hand, you can easily match the style of the earring to your dress style of the day or evening. Thus, studs will marry perfectly with a classic style, if you opt for discreet jewelry or if you want to stay sober at the level of earrings. The drop are beautiful earrings, which can give a special vintage look to your outfit, whether they are in pearl, mother-of-pearl, but also decorated with beautiful fine or precious stones. The clusters are also classic earrings, but with a beautiful style and a beautiful vintage style.

Vintage rings tank style

Boucheron brooch from the 1940s

7.18 carat unheated Ceylon sapphire and diamonds

Vintage gold ball ring with diamonds 1960

Brilliant cut diamond of 1,25 carat and diamond surround of 0.25 carat.

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