Antique and vintage brooches

Vintage brooches are beautiful accessories that give elegance and accessorize wonderfully a simple outfit. They can be placed perfectly on a coat, but also a jacket or scarf. There are as many styles of brooches as there are tastes. Vintage brooches have the ability to look like any of those on the market. They are therefore particularly original and add a vintage touch to any outfit. Vintage brooches change according to their time of belonging, but also their materials and the precious stones they use.

Precious and semi-precious gemstones brooches

Diamonds, rubies, emerald, sapphire.

Precious gemstones brooches

Brooches decorated with precious stones are particularly popular with lovers of beautiful jewelry and collections. Vintage brooches decorated with precious stones also add value and create a more elegant and luxurious dress style. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are particularly well suited to white materials such as platinum, white gold, grey gold and silver.

Pearl, opal, amethyst, aquamarine, enamel.

Fine stones are also particularly appreciated on beautiful vintage brooches. They often add a touch of color and delicacy to the metal used. They are particularly used by the Art Deco period, in the interwar period. They can be made of materials with light colors such as pearl, opal, enamel, which are natural materials, but also finer stones such as amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, lapis lazuli, turquoise…
Antique pearl brooches

How to wear a brooch?

Depending on how you decide to wear them, the brooches bring a more formal or formal style to one of your outfits. You can choose a jewel brooch for a day outfit, to wear for example on a coat, a sling or even a simple jacket. For an evening outfit on the other hand, you can opt for a more ostentatious brooch, decorated for example with fine or precious stones, in a beautiful material like gold or platinum.

Most important styles of brooches.

 Celtic ancient style

The antique Celtic style brooches are recognizable by their geometric patterns. These forms are often abstract and sometimes refer to living elements or nature for example. They are often handmade and use metals such as bronze, iron, silver or gold.

Art nouveau brooches.

The Art Nouveau period gave pride of place to the pins, which were then very popular. The curves of the Art Nouveau style are then illustrated by their inspirations, which they draw in particular from nature. The vintage Art Nouveau brooches are decorated with patterns inspired by nature (leaves, plants, flowers, etc.), but also animals, insects and fantastic figures, like the work of the French jeweler of the time, René Lalique.

Art Nouveau brooches 19th century

 Edwardian pieces.

The Edwardian style brooches are beautiful jewels, very fine and decorative. They are composed of beautiful metals, carefully built on a sometimes complex and delicate architecture. These vintage and old brooches are also frequently decorated with beautiful precious stones, coveted and appreciated at the time, but also pearls, mother-of-pearl and fine stones.

Vintage edwardian rubies brooches

 Art deco jewels. 

The brooches of the Art Deco era are undeniably the most daring and sumptuous in the history of contemporary jewelry. Indeed, the Art Deco brooches illustrate the expression of a grandiloquent and ostentatious art, made to show and affirm a certain audacity and a particular “joie de vivre”. They are also distinguished by their use of precious and fine stones.

Art Déco brooches 1920

Which materials are used for a high quality and luxury brooch?

18k gold (yellow, rose, white)

Gold is a reliable material. Gold has always been a safe haven and its price varies according to its demand on the world market and the geopolitical context, but it will always find its place in the jewelry windows. The quality of gold is determined by the carat, that shows the amount of gold in a metallic unit. The most common used in jewelry is 18k gold. It allows the creation of timeless, and especially resistant brooches. Their variation in different colors (yellow gold, pink gold or white gold) allows to create very beautiful pieces.

Vintage emerald brooches

Platinum made jewels.

Platinum made jewelry is always sumptuous jewelry. Their composition allows them to last in time, not to deteriorate and to resist small natural hazards. Their beautiful white color allows them, on the other hand, to associate perfectly with colored precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, but also of course diamond as well as various fine stone

Solitaire diamond ring from 1920

Enamel and 18k yellow gold

Silver diamond rose snake

3,30 carats diamonds brooch in platinum

1930 vintage earrings platinum and diamonds

1,20 carat sapphire and 0,40 carat diamonds per earring

Vintage diamond and sapphire watch in 18k gold

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