Vintage style bracelets

Gold Tank bracelets.

Gold Tank bracelets are beautiful jewels of the 1940s. Often massive and imposing, they are made to be seen. They are made of precious and resistant metals (gold, platinum, silver). The gold Tank bracelets attract the eye and give a look and style both brilliant and imposing.

Gold tank bracelets 1940

Diamond River bracelets.

Diamond River bracelets are made from a base made of a beautiful, durable precious metal, paired with several small diamonds. This vintage style is very elegant and refined. It is also timeless, and can be worn day and night.

Diamonds river bracelet in platinum

Ancient styles

European influence.

During the Renaissance period in the 16th century, jewelry was undeniably influenced by Europe. Necklaces are very worn, especially in pendants. They are made of gold and precious metals, but also beautiful gemstones that sublimate them. The Renaissance was the beginning of a period of splendor for European jewelry art. The Georgian era, from 1715 onwards, continued the exploration of jewelry. It accompanies a baroque and rococo style, with jewels of Gothic inspiration. Then, the Victorian period is a great era of European jewelry, with the resurgence of romantic inspirations: flowers, cameos, mother-of-pearl…

Ancient style diamonds bracelets

Art Deco bracelet.

The Art Deco period takes place in the 1920s, between the two world wars. The period is excessive, festive and extravagant. The jewels are made to be seen: they are made of beautiful gold, platinum and silver, and they are associated with precious stones like diamond, but also emerald, ruby or sapphire. Art Deco era also gave beautiful bracelets, even wrists, adorned with these precious stones.

Vintage Art deco bracelets

Art Nouveau bracelet.

Art Nouveau bracelets have influences that come from nature. The motifs that compose them are inspired by plants (leaves, flowers) but also animals and insects (dragonfly, butterfly), and even magical motifs (nymphs, fairies). The curves are then often rounded and romantic.

Edwardian era.

Between 1901 and 1915, the Edwardian period advocated fine and delicate jewelry. The lines are fluid and mobilize many diamonds and other precious and fine stones. Pins take bold shapes such as platinum knots or structures. The necklaces are decorated with several rows of pearls and diamonds, in a subtle, elegant and refined way.

Gemstones in bracelets.

The vintage bracelets are composed of beautiful materials, but also precious stones, which give a more sophisticated and even more precious appearance to the jewel. These gemstones are often diamonds, as in the case of diamond river bracelets. The bracelet can also contain several beautiful stones, like rubies, emeralds or sapphires, but still fine stones like amethyst, citrine, coral, lapis lazuli…

Gemstones bracelets in gold

What is the best metal?

Gold bracelets.

Gold bracelets are beautiful bracelets. They can be bangle bracelets, but also thin chains or thick mesh. Gold bracelets are worn since Greek antiquity and can be decorated with fine or precious stones.

Platinum luxury jewels.

Platinum luxury jewels reached its peak during the Art Deco period. For example, platinum luxury bracelets are perfectly combined with white precious stones like diamonds. Platinum has the advantage of being a very resistant material, which also goes very well with colored gemstones.

Yellow gold and platinum bracelets

Silver pieces.

Silver jewelry is often cheaper, but always luxurious when combined with precious materials. However, they can serve as a frame for jewelry that uses precious stones in the form of small earrings for example. Silver is also a resistant material, which can be interesting on bracelets or necklaces.

What to look for in a purchase?

Best luxury brands (Cartier, Dior, Hermes, etc.)

The most beautiful jewelers, especially in terms of luxury bracelets, are easily identifiable. Some models are then emblematic and representative of some houses. This is the case with the Cartier Tank bracelet, which can be worn alone or as a watch bracelet. Embellished with thick mesh, this bracelet is then a classic of the eponymous style. We can also mention the bold models of Hermès, composed of leathers and a precious metal buckle, like the famous belts of the house.

1920 collection of vintage rings

Emerald ring with diamonds in gold

Luxury signed jewels and rings

One pearl, calibrated rubies and 8×8 cut diamonds and roses

Dior watch Steel set with diamonds

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