Vintage necklaces with precious stones

Antique necklaces set with precious stones

Antique necklaces are unique pieces, which have been very carefully crafted. They are made of high quality materials such as gold, platinum and are often filled with precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires or diamonds. Depending on your taste, you can choose the right stone or material for your necklace. Antique necklaces may be from the Victorian era, epitomised by the use of raw materials such as pearls, mother of pearl, enamel, and clear materials such as white gold or platinum. You can also opt for Art Deco necklaces, whose identity can be recognised by its white materials and the use of coloured gemstones or diamonds, or be tempted by Art Nouveau necklaces and its figures often inspired by the forms of nature: floral compositions, plants, magical elements, etc.

Signature necklaces from the great jewellers

Some of the greatest jewellers also have their signature necklaces that can embody a brand in its own right. For example, there are necklaces filled with the brand’s iconic shapes, such as Tiffany’s “Magic Alhambra” necklace, recognisable by its iconic clover of different colours on a necklace chain, or Dinh Van’s “Handcuff” necklace. Some jewellers have their own signature necklaces, with styles representative of the identity of the brand, such as Chanel Joaillerie’s string of pearls necklace, or like the small Cartier chain with a discreet solitaire, the “Cartier d’Amour” necklace. There are as many styles of jewellery as there are tastes.

Pendants and necklaces vintage style

Vintage Art Deco necklaces and pendants

Vintage Art Deco necklaces and pendants are very trendy today. The Art Deco style was born in the 1920s, after a long period of international hardship as people faced the First World War. This was a time for frivolity and abundance and the jewellery expressed this idea. Necklaces and pendants are very visible and dress up the look. The materials are often white: mostly platinum or white gold. They are enhanced with precious stones: white ones like diamonds, but also bright colours like ruby, emerald and sapphire.

18k gold necklaces set with diamonds

Necklaces in 18k gold with diamonds are a classic form of precious and timeless jewellery. Gold necklaces can be made of grey gold, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. The carat is also the measure of the percentage of gold in a piece of gold. The higher the carat, the better the quality of the gold, but also its value and price. On the other hand, diamonds make the necklace even more precious. This type of jewellery can be very discreet if you choose small pieces, but also very visible, for example for parties, it can perfectly enhance an entire outfit.

Vintage emerald and diamonds necklaces

Victorian era pendants and necklaces

Victorian pendants and necklaces are well known for their timelessness. They can be seen as the golden age of British jewellery, in a specific historical context. Trade with the colonies was prolific, and the country benefited from the importation of precious and new materials such as pearls, mother-of-pearl, ivory, enamel, etc. These new materials also inspired new designs. It was the rise of cameos, brooches, fine work on details and chains.These jewels were particularly sophisticated and were mostly worn by high society. Today, they can add a classy and vintage look to any style.

Victorian era necklaces & pendants